All our facilities are fully operational and will remain so throughout the latest lockdowns. We will continue to monitor the situation regarding COVID-19 and take the necessary measures to protect our staff and support our customers.

Applications & Industries

At Euro-Locks GmbH we supply locks and locking systems for many different markets and applications. Our locks can be found on a huge number of different products such as lockers, wooden and metal furniture, postal boxes, automotive accessories, bicycle locks, cash boxes and tills, heavy duty vehicles, windows and doors, a wide variety of enclosures and many more.

We specialise in the design of bespoke locking systems and have worked closely with our customers to produce individual solutions for a range of locking needs. If you cannot find a product to suit your situation and would like to discuss a tailor made solution please contact us; our sales and technical teams will be happy to help you.

Please use the links to view the applications our products are often used for.